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Friday, 28 August 2009

Fitz EOM

Got the opportunity to play this with being off work and due to the numbers it never disappoints. Feel like I played ok, won a few small pots and got a decent stack together after the break. Had a tough table, the average standard at my table was certainly tougher than average but I was coping. When the antes were introduced I was conscious of not blinding away and tried to steal a few pots. This worked initially then I ran into a couple of big hands and had to pick my spots better. Unfortunately with the typical Fitz player liking to call you need to keep your shoves a lil bigger than usual to get them through and with an active table I failed. I finished in midfield in around 50, with 120 runners. Hopefully I'll get to play it again soon, consistently great prizepool, it's a great tourney to get a run in.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Teamcop 2009

This whole weekend turned into a bit of a disaster, mainly in terms of numbers. At the beginning it was billed as one of the largest poker festivals of the year . . . in the end it was a mediocre one at best. Now don't get me wrong, the dealing standard and professionalism was as expected, second to none . . . well it was TD'd by JP after all. The atmosphere, the buzz, the craic, well let's just say there was something lacking.

I guess it always had a huge act to follow following the Eglinton's version of the same event. The atmosphere being electric back in March, the room, high ceilings, only half filled didn't quite cut it. That said, the objective of poker is always to make a profit, regardless of how enjoyable or not enjoyable that money-making process may be.

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