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Sunday, 31 August 2008

IPC Tour - Waterford Leg

Played the main event on the Saturday, which took considerable effort on my part. I was working on Saturday morning as usual and only left work at 1.20pm. It was a mad dash home to collect Rob and get on the road. It was certainly a daunting task as it was physically impossible for us to make the starting time of 4pm, but we had to arrive as near to that as possible and even more importantly had to arrive within the first 2 levels to be able to join the game. Well everything that could have gone wrong on the way did go wrong . . . traffic was horrific in parts, the road towards the end of the journey wasn't great not leaving many over-taking opportunities and we even managed a wrong turn which cost us 20 mins! But finally we made it with about 3 mins to spare!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Creating A Monster!

Ok, so everyone else seems to have a blog these days, well everyone except me that is! I created this about a year ago & never bothered posting so I figured I'd give it a crack.

Nothing really to report right now so to cover some background . . . . I've been playing live poker (seriously) for 8 months now and I have to say I can't complain. I've had several decent results, most of which were against reasonably tough fields, but more than anything I've enjoyed every hand of every tournament. Win or lose I always leave wanting more, looking forward to the next game, does this mean I'm addicted??

Not expecting to get (m)any readers here so if anything this could well be me talking to myself . . . Welcome to the Life of Me!

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