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Sunday, 2 October 2011

In Search of my Swing

Taking time off golf, even for 3 weeks proved to be a disaster. I was playing better than I could ever have hoped for but golf is time consuming & with regular trips to Belfast required to finalize the arrangements, something had to give. I'd also been on a severe diet which didn't help matters as my body had changed shape which inevitably meant so did my swing.
I tried to play my way out of it, tried fairly hard to be fair, but it just didn't feel right & the lack of consistency was starting to drive me insane. If I could just get back what I had a few weeks ago, surely it can't be that hard? I made a decent effort to get up to the course with Mary a few mornings over a 2 week period. It's great playing with Mary as she's very honest in her assessment. She was always able to give me feedback on what about my swing didn't look quite right to her. Between us we got some improvement in my game, but I soon hit  a brick wall & the consistency just wasn't what it was. I decided a lesson was in order.

 This would be my third lesson from Raymie Burns & I was hoping it would be as effective as the first 2. We started off with my short irons as we have done during the previous lessons. I think he fixed what was wrong in 3 swings. He of course identified what I was doing wrong after the first swing & by the third swing I was nailing it. A different challenge was my new driver. I recently got a new driver but unfortunately the adjustment of my swing trying to make my old driver work had bedded in a few bad habbits. He proposed a few changes which I'm going to have to work on over the next couple of weeks before we head to Florida, although I played straight after the lesson & the early indicators looked positive.

A while back I found a decent article online about Raymie, certainly worth a read:


dokearney said...

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Cat Taylor said...

Well all I did last year was play golf, ha!

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