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Friday, 7 October 2011

ILGU SIlver Medal

So it's the day before the wedding, my mum's house is manic. I'm trying to escape the lot of them burying my head in the laptop, so far it's working & they're leaving me alone :)

I just got a phone call there a short while ago from the Lady Vice Captain Sheelagh to tell me I'd won the ILGU Silver Medal. My first reaction to this is "What's the ILGU Silver Medal?". She explained to me how there are two medals awarded to each club every year, a silver & a bronze, silver being for handicaps under 20 & the bronze for handicaps over 20. As my medal results between April & September (the specified qualifying period) were the best in the club for handicaps under 20, I'd won the Silver Medal for 2011.

I was obviously delighted, even though I'd not heard of it before it was clearly a good thing to win. I was then informed that all the Silver Medal winners were invited to play in a final of sorts in Headfort Golf Club on Monday 10th October. Also, the only tee time available was 9.15am. Oops, this is very close, especially as we had arranged to stay in the hotel the night after the wedding as well. This would make for an extremely early start on the Monday morning.

She did say there was no pressure & that obviously with the wedding on Saturday it would be understandable if I couldn't make it. I thought about it when on the phone to her & decided it would be silly to commit to something that fell so close to the wedding. Sheelagh being the lovely lady that she is told me she would let the ILGU know & not to worry about it. However, whilst on the phone to Rob shortly after, it became clear that if I was physically able to make it I should.

Therefore based on Rob's judgement, I phoned Sheelagh back & agreed to play the tournament. I also contacted the hotel & cancelled the reservation for the Sunday night. If I needed to be in Headfort so early on the Monday morning, it was clear I'd need to make my way back to Dublin from Belfast at some point on the Sunday evening.

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