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Monday, 10 October 2011

The Wedding

So the 'big' day finally arrived, it seemed like something which was initially planned 2 years prior steamed towards us at a ferocious velocity.

The Cake - Tasted just as good as it looks!
The day started early, yes there were girlie things to be done like hair & make-up, it was my wedding day after all. But let's get our priorities straight, Ireland were playing Wales in the rugby! And what's more we had a chance of something huge, huge at international level, only the quarter final of the World Cup. Unfortunately, even though there was so much promise, it was not to be &Wales proved worthy winners in the end. I guess I didn't have too much time to stew over the result as from the point where the match ended, my time was no longer my own to control.

My sister Donna is a hair dresser, an award winning hairdresser at that, so naturally she took control of that side of things. As she was also a bridesmaid she arranged for the bridal party of get their hair sorted at her shop so there would be ample space/equipment to facilitate the lot of us. Make up was also done at the shop, it was like a proper little conveyor belt. Everyone seemed fairly manic, room never went quiet, all I was thinking was perhaps staying up to 3am the night before wasn't the best of ideas with hindsight. Everything actually went very smoothly bar the fact my mum gave the florist the band's money. For the record I did label them clearly, she just forgot to read what it said on the front & handed her the first one she came across. All was good though as our florist, in addition to being an awesome florist, is a very honest lady & corrected the mistake with Rob at the hotel when she arrived there.

My sisters: Paula, Patricia & Donna
We arrived at the venue (La Mon Hotel & Country Club) a bit early & that was after waiting down the lane for about 10 minutes to let time catch us up a bit. As we paused at the gates of the hotel I saw the photographer usher the other half of the bridal party indoors as she spotted our car. Yes it would appear that as the bride is usually late, it would assumed that I would be. So much for the groom having to wait about huh. I can honestly say I wasn't nervous or anxious, just hopeful that everything would go off without a hitch. Well that was the plan until I entered the back of the ceremony room & I was faced with what seemed like a zillion heads turn to look at me. Cue the panic attack, eek. I could feel my eyes filling up & I couldn't stop it. I never was one who liked to be the centre of attention but this was ridiculous. One of the most embarrassing moments ever & for about 2 hours after that any time I saw anyone look at me I'd well up again. My family being the supportive bunch that they are just laughed at me. Thankfully the ceremony was perfect, my best friend Fiona said a reading & everything was official within about 20 minutes.

My brother Tony & his girlfriend Jenny
As my dad is no longer with us it fell to my (one & only) brother to give me away. It's funny, most girls have dreamed of their wedding day since childhood, well I'm no typical girl & true to form this is one childhood dream I didn't have. However, I never imagined that should I ever get married, my dad wouldn't be around. In a way I found this incredibly sad, I was always a daddy's girl growing up & here I was on the biggest day of my life to date & him not here to see it all unfold. That said if ever I was sure of anything it would be that my brother (& childhood best friend) would do him proud. Well Tony went over & above all hopes & expectations, he played an absolute blinder, fair play bro. In all honesty he couldn't have done anything any better. In particular, his speech had the whole room in ruptures. He had asked me before we left the house if I wanted to read his speech, to 'check' it & I said no. I said no because I trusted him, but mentioned that it didn't need to be funny thinking trying to make a speech funny is the biggest pressure on the speech giver. He answered, "Daddy's would have been funny, so mine will be funny, simple as that". Enough said.

My best friends: Sinéad, Andrea, Michelle & Fiona
All the speeches went down very well. Neither of us wanted them dragging on too long so we opted for them to have them before dinner & kept a time limit on them. In my opinion, there's nothing worse at a wedding than really long boring speeches. Thankfully our speeches did not disappoint & it wasn't long before we were tucking into the feast of a dinner. After dinner we cut the cake which Rob's mum made. It tasted delicious & looked stunning. The evening's entertainment began with the band 'The Professionals' who then also did a DJ set afterwards. So many people were impressed with how good they were, perfect mix of songs for a wedding party & their musical talents were second to none, they went down really really well.

My golf buddies: Helen, Pauline, Sheelagh, Barbara & Mary
The hotel & their staff couldn't have been any more efficient, friendly or helpful. Food was amazing, especially as it was mass cooked for so many people. The Florist, Country Bumpkins did a fantastic job of everything. From the bouquets to the spreads of flowers, everything looked perfect. We had gotten a company called Wedding Belle to decorate the room, tables & favours etc. Needless to say the rooms looked spectacular & the Candy Cart they provided proved a massive hit with the guests. We also did extremely well with our choice of photographer. There's a reason why MC Studios have won so many awards in the last couple of years, their work is absolutely stunning & Maria did a great job on the day. I was great to have all our friends & family there too. A lot of people had to travel a bit to attend our wedding, especially those coming from Dublin & Donegal. They're efforts were much appreciated.

To be honest the day wouldn't have gone so well had it not been for my mum, granny & 3 sisters, Donna, Paula & Patricia. I know I drove them nuts being so laid back ab out the arrangements so they had to work extra hard to keep me on my toes & to make sure all details were covered. Before when asked what about the day I was looking forward to the most, my answer was "Having it over & done with". Now looking back I can honestly say I enjoyed the whole day thoroughly, much more than expected. Still not sure I would want to repeat it though. Obviously thanks to Rob also for turning up & going through with it, ha!

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