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Monday, 17 October 2011

October . . . Where Do I start?

So much has happened in October already & it's only half way through!

I played the medal back on the 4th, got married on the 8th, somehow managed to play in the ILGU Silver Medal Final on the 10th & had my clubs stolen a few days later!

As I was walking down the isle, the last of the ladies up at the golf club were teeing off. I can honestly say I wasn't even thinking of this at the time, I had more than enough to be concentrating on.

The wedding was awesome, I never expected to enjoy it half as much as I did & I had a few days off work afterwards so I didn't plan on coming back to planet earth any time soon.

We headed back to Dublin on the Sunday evening. We were both wrecked, I don't remember being so tired ever! One thing that concerned me was how sore under my arms were, they had been since I woke on the Sunday morning, I put it down to exhaustion & went to bed early that night. However, when I got up on the Monday morning I felt just as stiff, the areas under my arms were still sore & the weather was miserable :(

We arrived at Headfort comfortably early. Driving down I was thinking this was madness, I felt like crap but Rob was excited about it & I knew if I got my swing going early on I could play my way out of the stiffness. I got off to a rubbish start with a bad first drive, a very poor second, then nailed a hybrid, stitched a wedge & ended up with a bogey which is on target for my handicap. Even though I'd scored ok on the first hole it was an early indicator of how the next few holes were to go, inconsistently!

I battled on for a few more holes, but the bigger swings were killing me, driver just wouldn't work at all. My driving was fine on the Tuesday so I could only assume the stiffness was hindering me more than I could work past. It was also more & more apparent that the wedding dress, lovely & all that it was, had been rubbing against the areas under my arms leaving them extremely tender. I don't like not finishing a round, but I was absolutely shattered & I wasn't enjoying myself at all. So after struggling for 9 holes I decided there wasn't much point in suffering on any further. The two girls I was playing with were both lovely & one of them in particular had a decent score going so I wished them both luck & escaped the rain by heading home.

Although the Silver Medal Final was a disappointment, it was more than compensated for by hearing I'd won the SC Ladies Golfer of the Year competition. This was like winning the league! If someone had have told me I would have won this at the beginning of the year I would have happily wagered the house that I wouldn't. I refused to believe that not only could I play well enough to win such a thing but play consistently well over pretty much the whole season. My golfing season was at it's peak, things just couldn't be better.

A few days later I jumped out of bed to the sound of Rob shouting. He had opened the front door to the sight of the car open in the driveway. Big mistake by us, we'd gotten complacent & left the golf clubs & trolleys in the boot of the car. What was strange though was they'd taken both trolleys out, left them on the lawn & left Rob's golf bag on the driveway beside the car. Obviously whoever stole my clubs didn't appreciate that ladies clubs were nowhere near as valuable as men's!

This was catastrophic for me as we are due to head to Florida tomorrow for the golf trip of a lifetime. It's so annoying to think I won't have the clubs I know so well to be playing probably the toughest courses I've ever played. They didn't get my driver as it was on the back seat & I've bought the same putter that I had before but everything else is gone. Thankfully McGuirks have been able to get me a full set of ladies Taylormade Burners, irons & woods at short notice. This was decent of them, in fact they've been more than helpful as Rob has been going to them for a few years now & they always look after him. So much so, they hired us the clubs for just under 3 weeks free of charge. I got to play with them once before we fly out, ended up with 27 points off 17 which I know isn't great but it's something to work on.

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