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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Joyful July

June was disappointing, especially as when my swing worked the shot was better than ever, I just felt like I needed to run out the variance of this new swing. I made the effort & I went to the range a lot after the Lady Captain disaster. I'd also taken the time to look over some online videos, just to try memorize some drills before shots. Anything that made my practice swing go right first time was going to help right? I think I actually got more out of the online videos this time than last time. I have a lot of golf theory in my head now & these instructional videos are more relevant than ever from that aspect.

I was confident going into the July medal. My ball striking was better than it had ever been & the sessions at the range helped me gain a lot of confidence. It was time to right a few wrongs. The medal went really well as it happens, my swing was back to consistent again. I know I should be more patient when I make changes, I can't expect everything to work from the off, but it felt good hitting the ball so well. Another pleasing factor was my short game was sharp, no disasters around the greens. I know to keep improving my short game will be the main focus going forward so it seemed like there was potential yet. I knew I was playing well but didn't quite see the 66 coming! Needless to say my handicap was cut to 20! 16 shot drop since the beginning of the year!

The following weekend there was another major, the 'Captain's Prize to Ladies'. This was another first time playing competition for me, in fact I didn't even know such a competition existed until I saw it on the time sheet. After the previous weekend I was confident that I shouldn't disgrace myself but losing 3 shots in a week can be unsettling as I've found out in the past so I needed to remain focused mentally more than anything else & not let the difference in handicap make me chase it on the holes I now only had one shot on.

In the end I actually had another super round of golf, I was really delighted with it. I'd played with Rob that day & he also played great coming second in the 'Lady Captain's Prize to Men' competition.

A few records in this round, the main one being I had 2 actual birdies, the second of them coming on the index 1, par 4, 17th hole☺

July also ended in a manual handicap cut from 18.1 to 16.1! I couldn't believe it, I know I didn't play it down to 16, but me, having a handicap of 16, how bloody awesome! I guess all I have to do now is prove I can play to it ☺

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