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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Fitz EOM

This month's EOM was held on the last Saturday to allow for Christmas falling on it's usual date. True enough it got a decent amount of runners coming in at around the 91/92 marker.

After a patheic start I find my stack dwindling away at a rapid pace then manage to lose most of what I have left when I run a J high flush into a Q high flush. This leaves me with 1100 chips and screwed basically. Next hand I'm UTG with K6 and I go for broke open shoving to get 4 callers! To my surprise my 6 hit and was good! This was a nice boost in chips, still very short but the newly found momentum was certainly welcome.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

SE €250 Game & Degen Cash Sessions Afterwards!

Since Rob and I were back in Dublin, we headed into town to play the EOM game in the SE. After reading boards we weren't very hopeful of the turnout but headed in to see what sort of numbers they would get all the same. When we got there there were 2 full tables with the potential to get a 3rd one going, so we decided to stay and play it.

I really wish people would be more proactive on boards with regards to their intentions of playing tournaments. I know there must have been at least 30 or 40 people who would have liked to have played that tournament, if they would just post to indicate they would be up for it, it would encourage several others to post something similar or even just make their way in for the tourney. I would have posted to say something had I have been sure I was going to be able to make it. Unfortunately I planned on still being in Cavan but as that didn't go according to plan I figured the SE game was the next best option for my Saturday night.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Cavan Poker Open

First of all, the roads in Cavan are shockingly bad! The mortality rate in that county for deaths on the roads has to be ridiculously high! I mean, we all allow for country roads to have the odd bend, bump and chicane thrown in, but personally when driving in the dark on unknown roads, I'd rather if they didn't feel like a rally asault course . . . rant over.

So I arrive about an hour late, find my table and discover that my table is a self-deal! I was disgusted, not only was I late and had some catching up to do but my table was getting a hand in on average every 10 mins, just not good enough IMO! So I sit down and spend the first 15-20 mins watching people.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Bruce Poker Launch Festival

Fresh off the plane from Blackpool, we headed to the Green Isle hotel to check out what was going on with the Bruce Poker Launch Festival.

The cash tables were going rightly and Rob (as per usual) made it his business to check up on every player he has ever met before that was still actively participating in the tournament. After about an hour of meeting, greeting & general chit-chat we stuck our names down for the cash. Yet again Festival Cash Games didn't disappoint and by 3am (4-5 hours later) I had successfully put myself at risk from a severe case of food poisoning (dodgy burger, thanks Rob) and managed to make about €760 in the 1/2 NLH game.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Boyles IPO

Unfortunately due to the GUKPT event we missed this one, would have been a great one to play, especially for the small buy-in, there was fantastic value. But that said, where there's a festival there's always excellent cash games!

And so that's what I concentrated on, the tables were mostly full of foreign players, primarily French, with a few Dutch and Scandies to make up the numbers. I sat at one cash table in particular for a few hours, 2 young Dutch fellas on it, they had been up for 3 days solid and were recharging the batteries with Red Bull! They certainly weren't the value at the table but they did provide the entertainment. It's fair to say that it was the most entertaining cash table I have ever sat at. As well as the ladies event I did play one of the small side events, but unfortunately due to a pretty poor structure it was a crap-shoot from the off and as I didn't get the cards it was over and out for me pretty swiftly.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

GUKPT Thanet

Headed to Thanet with Rob, he was playing the main event whilst I was playing the slightly more modest side event. It was a one day NLH with a £100 + £10.50 buy-in. Yes that's right! The reg fee was £10.50!!
The structure wasn't great as is typical for the smaller buy-in English MTT, but it was something to pass the time while Rob played in the main event. I got off to a decent start, managing to stay one step ahead of the shorter stacks and was in even better shape after knocking out Nik Persaud and Jeff Kimber.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

SE Betdaq Bubble

Rob & I both played the Betdaq Live Sat in the SE. Rob had won his €400 + €40 ticket in a sat the night before and we bought my ticket off Ian who had also won a ticket in the same sat but was unable to actually play the event.

There were a lot of good players in this sat, so to win 1 of 3 tickets was never going to be easy. My first table featured Donal Norton, Dennis Reyes and Kevin Farelly so it was never really quiet, even early on there were several raised pots preflop. From memory I had very little cards to see a flop with and pathetically managed to blind myself down to around 4k by the break. Great! Just in time for the break time questions . . .
"How are you getting on?"
"About 4"
"40? no way!"
"No, 4, well 4ish "
Like these questions weren't awkward!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

IPC Tour - Fitzwilliam Leg

I actually had no intentions of playing this. I had to be home in Belfast for about 2pm as Cemetry Sunday started at 3pm in the graveyard my dad is buried in. It would have been a mortal sin to miss this and as it's only once a year I couldn't justify not going, not even to myself. Well I headed to Dublin after work on Saturday as normal anyway to see Rob if nothing else. I figured I could even make my way round to the SE and play their EOM €200 game if Rob went well or possibly play cash in the Fitz although I don't consider myself a good cash player, but it would occupy me if nothing else.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

IPC Tour - Waterford Leg

Played the main event on the Saturday, which took considerable effort on my part. I was working on Saturday morning as usual and only left work at 1.20pm. It was a mad dash home to collect Rob and get on the road. It was certainly a daunting task as it was physically impossible for us to make the starting time of 4pm, but we had to arrive as near to that as possible and even more importantly had to arrive within the first 2 levels to be able to join the game. Well everything that could have gone wrong on the way did go wrong . . . traffic was horrific in parts, the road towards the end of the journey wasn't great not leaving many over-taking opportunities and we even managed a wrong turn which cost us 20 mins! But finally we made it with about 3 mins to spare!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Creating A Monster!

Ok, so everyone else seems to have a blog these days, well everyone except me that is! I created this about a year ago & never bothered posting so I figured I'd give it a crack.

Nothing really to report right now so to cover some background . . . . I've been playing live poker (seriously) for 8 months now and I have to say I can't complain. I've had several decent results, most of which were against reasonably tough fields, but more than anything I've enjoyed every hand of every tournament. Win or lose I always leave wanting more, looking forward to the next game, does this mean I'm addicted??

Not expecting to get (m)any readers here so if anything this could well be me talking to myself . . . Welcome to the Life of Me!

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