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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

May . . . Dismay

The lesson definitely helped, no doubt about it, following that 31 points I had that afternoon, I managed 39 points the following weekend. However that's where the good performances end :(

The weather hasn't been great lately & I'm not sure if that's a factor, but I never did like playing in the wind & rain. It was a bad time to lose form as well given there were 2 majors this month, the May Medal & the Professional Prize. Both of these weekends were really windy, extremely windy in fact, however I really should have done better. I can't quite explain what's different, I know in my head what I need to do & how to do it, but for the last couple of weeks I'm just not able to join up the dots like I was before.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lesson Time

Raymie Burns, SC PGA Professional
With 2 months worth of momentum & a spanky new handicap I had high hopes for this month. As delighted as I am to have dropped so many shots so quickly there was only one thing that would please at this stage & that's to get my handicap even lower. Finally I have a respectable handicap, but I have high standards, so I'm not planning on settling here. Time for a fresh angle to lose a few more shots.

I booked a lesson with the South County Pro, Raymie Burns. Raymie had a hell of a reputation to live up to, from what I'm told he was a great striker of the ball back in his playing days & was regarded by many as a huge natural talent.

On 1st May I arrived at the course for my 30 min lesson. First thing that struck me about Raymie is that he's very technical. This was great news for me, this I could work with. He asked me what I was looking out of the lesson, what I wanted to improve on. I'm not sure he was expecting the answer I gave him, "I want a swing like the ones you see on tv", quickly followed by "I'm happy to start from scratch, I just want to do it right". As he smirked, we got to work.

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