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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Last Medal

I guess you could say October was to be a busy month. However just before the wedding there was one final thing to wrap up, 'Golfer of the Year'.

The last medal of the year, the October Medal was scheduled for the actual day of our wedding, 8th October. This meant Rob had to miss it even though he was in contention for the men's GOY. Luckily enough though, the ladies club are also able to play their medal on the Tuesday before the medal weekend. With the wedding on the Saturday, I headed out early that Tuesday after working all night to try & revisit some form I'd been showing signs off a couple of days beforehand when I managed 35 points in the weekend competition.

You may have noticed that I haven't really been mentioning GOY up to this point in the blog. There's a reason for that. As I won the first medal of the year back in April & continued plenty of success in the majors since then, I've always been there or thereabouts in the GOY standings. I guess part of me kept thinking I would blow it so I deliberately shut it out, tried to focus on the competition at hand instead of getting carried away with notions of winning something as big as 'Golfer of the Year'. Well I'd been leading the table for a lot of weeks now but due to my dip in form these last few majors I was now only barely hanging on at the top. This could be embarrassing. Due to my first half of the season, GOY wasn't mine to win, it was mine to lose.

I asked Mary & Pauline to play with me which they did & they also facilitated my request to play early. The Tuesday time sheet is usually set up for 3 balls as opposed to 4 balls & we were first out. I desperately wanted to play well for a few reasons; GOY as already covered, this could be my last round of the year at South County before the weather turns so I wanted to enjoy it & also we were heading to Florida later in the month for an unconventional honeymoon/golf trip. Rob had always wanted a golf trip for our honeymoon, however it was only recently that I thought I could cope with tough unknown courses & now that my handicap was as low as it was I was confident that I would enjoy the challenge of a few fancy tough courses. Obviously a return to form could only ensure I get the most out of such a trip.

The round started out fairly steady. I wasn't hitting many particularly good shots but I wasn't getting into any trouble either. Bar a bit of trouble at the 12th hole the round was fairly event free & I managed a healthy 74 net. Needless to say I was delighted. My aim for the day was to not let myself down & enjoy myself. Well the company was superb & the craic was mighty. I was completely relaxed & enjoyed it thoroughly, I'm sure we all did. We all played fairly well & the weather even held up it's end of the bargain.

Most of the women played their medal yesterday but the competition doesn't close off until Saturday, so the GOY results will only be known after then when all the cards are in. So yeah, I guess Saturday is an important day for a few reasons ☺

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