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Friday, 1 January 2010

Goodbye 2009 . . . You Were Bloody Smashing!

So, end of another year & hasn't it been bloody great!

The year started pretty quietly, missed out on a few tourneys I would have liked to have played for one reason or another. Didn't play the IPC in January, although cleaned up in the cash games down there. Missed the Deepstack in February although went deep in a side event.

March marked the big move to Dublin & was also fairly successful in being the last standing of my team in the fantastic Eglinton Team event & also winning €3k in the Westbury EOM (end of month).

I played my first Irish Open in April, didn't catch a break but certainly gained from the experience. May kicked off with the JP Masters which I got deep in but not deep enough to profit. I also played in the World Women's Open in May, beating the reigning champ, Soraya Homan,  heads up in my heat, another thoroughly enjoyable experience & a performance I have received substantial positive feedback from. I fully expect to smash the final next time ;)

We headed to Vegas at the end of June & had an absolute blast. Love the place :) Unfortunately I ran like a 3 legged dunkey & was bitterly disappointed not to land a big score, not too disappointed that it put me on life tilt, yet disappointed enough to make me adamant that next year will be huge ;)

Poker in August was a continued disappointment, the only consolation I had was playing loads of golf & enjoying every minute of it. No major poker festivals planned for September in Ireland so after a disappointing couple of months the duck had to break, BOOM, cue October!

October started with Killarney, unlucky in the main event, unluckier in the side event (KK< AT aipf) but at least that bad beat happened on the final table so I had already locked up profit by then. The following weekend we headed to Venice for a mini break then onto Nova Gorica for the IPT events. I didn't get going in the main & managed to get AA busted in the side aipf, but Rob played fantastically & overall we made a juicy profit. Next up was the Boyle Poker IPO & managing 4th out of 1440 entrants was absolutely awesome. Played out of my skin in this tourney (imo obv) & feel I thoroughly deserved this result, in fact I should have bloody won the thing ;) The Irish Winter Festival was on the last weekend of October & again I didn't flip great. My exit hand for both the main & the side was QQ vs AK where QQ just didn't quite cut it. Only consolation was the side event flip happened after the bubble had burst, meh!

JP's Mini WSOP was eagerly awaited in November & as expected didn't disappoint. I lost a flip in the main, very cruel flip in the side, got completely dogged in the shoot out & chopped the short-handed. Into December & I managed to play one of the side events of the Fitzwilliam Winter Festival, obviously chopped it. Monaghan Harps game the following weekend, cashed in 7th. IPC was up next & I outlasted the majority of a very high quality field finishing 8th, again first time playing that tourney, certainly won't be  my last :) And last but certainly not least, I attended the Irish Poker Awards just before Christmas & was awarded the most improved Irish player of the year, certainly a highlight for me.

I've had an absolute ball this year, had great experiences both at & away from the tables, won a fortune particularly relative to the amount of tournaments I've played & enjoyed tremendous amount of success. I've met some great people, saw a little bit more of the world & had a great time along the way.

Thanks to everyone for their support & well wishes in person, via phone/text, on this blog, on facebook & twitter.

Extract Below is taken from the Hendon Mob covering all 2009 entries:

11-Dec-2009 Ireland € 2,000 No Limit Hold'em – Main Event
PokerStars UK and Ireland Poker Tour, Galway
8th € 11,000 $ 16,195
30-Nov-2009 Ireland € 75 No Limit Hold'em
Fitzwilliam Card Club Poker Festival 2009, Dublin
2nd € 1,500 $ 2,242
08-Nov-2009 Ireland € 150 No Limit Hold'em – Six Handed
Mini WSOP, Dublin
3rd € 2,100 $ 3,120
25-Oct-2009 Ireland € 500 No Limit Hold'em
paddypowerpoker.com Irish Winter Festival, Dublin
18th € 1,250 $ 1,875
16-Oct-2009 Ireland $ 250 No Limit Hold'em – Main Event
2009 BoylePoker.com International Poker Open, Dublin
$ 24,736
03-Oct-2009 Ireland € 270 No Limit Hold'em
Ladbrokes.com Irish Poker Festival , Killarney
9th € 2,000 $ 2,925
24-May-2009 England $ 3,000 No Limit Hold'em
Partypoker.com Women's World Open III, London
$ 5,000

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